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Our Clients

We represent those who have been seriously harmed by the conduct of others. Our clients include

  • individuals who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries
  • families of those who have been killed due to someone else's carelessness or wrongful act
  • those whose economic interests have been harmed by others who are more powerful or who occupied a position of trust.

Our clients' cases usually concern airplane or helicopter accidents, automobile accidents, or dangerous products or premises. Regardless of their particular circumstances, all of our clients have been harmed in some serious, life-changing way.  The corporation that has caused the client's harm often refuses to accept responsibility for its actions, attempts to minimize the harm it has caused, or even blames its victim. This makes a lawsuit the client's only option.

Our clients have included several judges and many lawyers, inlcuding a lawyer for the President of the United States. Our aviation clients have included some of the world's most skilled pilots or their families.  We have represented the families of a 747 pilot, a Concorde SST pilot, and, in one case, a former Blue Angel.

Clients retain us under a contingency fee contract. If there is no settlement or verdict, the client will not pay a fee for any of our services.  It is the contingency fee contract that allows any victim access to the legal system, regardless of their financial circumstances. Our contracts are competitive with other firms.

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